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Join us and get inspired to build a better career and HAPPY LIFE
About Our Career Guidance Progam

Join us and get inspired to build a better career and HAPPY LIFE

Guidance Group of Dr. Manodha Gamage

Our Mission of this GUIDANCE GROUP is to make Sri Lanka one of the best countries to live, by helping and guiding her youth to be more disciplined & ethical professionals. Most importantly helping everyone to be HAPPY citizens of a proud mother land SRI LANKA!

Dr. Manodha believes that only way our country, Sri Lanka can think of a prosperous future is by guiding our youth in the right paths. Hence he thought of sharing his vast expertise, experience, and innovative ideas in Education, Telecommunications, ICT, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Customer-care etc. both in Sri Lanka & Overseas.

After interacting with over 500 students from about 25 different countries (during his stay in Japan) over a period of 5-6 years, he has noticed most of the youth in Sri Lanka is much talented than most of the others around the world, but yet we as a country always stay behind most of others as we don’t have the right ATTITUDE

If you are with the right Attitude, desired Discipline, Professional Ethics & if you are Hard Working, SKY is the limit, provided you get the proper GUIDANCE!

We wish to help the YOUTH:

  • To carefully evaluate all possible avenues/options
  • With all possible information feel like whole world is at their finger tips
  • To ultimately make right choices & set achievable goals in their careers
  • To become good Citizens
  • To Live Happily

It is worth to spend few minutes to see what Dr. Manodha Gamage has done in his life and if that experience would help you to mold your own life….or would help your kids to mold their lives….

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Dr. Manodha Gamage
Life Story of

Dr. Manodha Gamage

Dr. Manodha has demonstrated an excellent record of his academic life from his school days. He did his entire school education at St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4, from 1979 (Grade 1) to 1991 (A/L).

He started to excel in his studies as a primary school student by getting excellent results in the 4 subject special scholarship examination held by the College, where only 4 students were selected. As a result of that he was offered complete free education at St. Peter’s College. In the primary school, apart from excelling in studies, he was a regular member of the school Western Band and Kandyan Dancing Group.

He continued to excel in his studies and obtained Distinctions for all subjects in G.C.E. O/L Exam in 1988. The specialty in him is that he was an excellent cricketer in the college who represented under 13, 15 and 2nd X1 teams while doing G. C. E. O/L exam.

His goal was to become an Engineer and therefore he selected to study Mathematics for G.C.E A/L Exam, where he came up with flying colors of getting 4 A Passes in 1991. He rewrote the then 70 year history of St. Peter’s College by becoming the first ever Peterite to get 4A passes at A/L Examination. Again he obtained this while playing for college under 17 and 1st XI cricket teams.

He was a genuine all-rounder and a master in Time Management since his childhood.  He was also an active member of many associations of the College such as Science Society, Sinhala Literature Association, Legion of Mary, Elocution etc.

For all his achievements in College he was awarded a Gold Medal, a scholarship to study in the University in Sri Lanka and the best All-round student award. Most importantly he was awarded the “Peterite Gold” the precious and the highest award any Peterite could win for the excellent achievements in School.

Just after his A/L examination, the College offered him to join the tutorial staff to teach Chemistry and Applied Maths for A/L students as he had to await till 1994 to enter the University of Moratuwa. Since Dr. Manodha had a vision for his long term future career, he decided to do CIMA (UK) during the time he was awaiting the university entrance and teaching at St. Peter’s. He excelled in CIMA as well and completed all 4 stages to become a professionally qualified Management Accountant at the age of 21, even before entering the University. He demonstrated his teaching skills and his passion for teaching during the 2 years he was teaching at the College and the feedback of the students was excellent. He started to teach Mathematics for O/L students and Chemistry for A/L students as a Tutor, especially to finance his expenses to do CIMA (UK)

Dr. Manodha entered the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 1994 and he continued his all-round skills in the university too, by becoming the batch 3rd (only 6 mark difference in aggregate with the batch top) and playing all cricket matches (over 25 in the season) for the university to win the inter university cricket championship. Again in the first year he won the special award “The Colors-man with Highest Average in 1st Year“.

He was easily selected to do Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, which was (and still is) the highest demanding degree at the University of Moratuwa.

He continued to excel both in cricket and in his studies during his university career as well. Finally he obtained an Honors Degree in BSc (Eng.) in 1998. He also captained the University Cricket team in his 3rd year (in 1996) and also captained the Sri Lanka University Cricket Team that toured India just after Sri Lanka winning the world cup in 1996.

When he graduated from the university, Manodha already knew that he wanted a career as a Telecommunications Engineer and hence wanted to start his career at SLT as it was the best place in Sri Lanka for that in 1998. Since SLT didn’t recruit as soon as Manodha graduated the university, he joined a large group of companies in Sri Lanka, but just 3 months into that career, SLT started recruiting fresh engineers. Even though the job he was doing was paying him almost 3 times the salary of then SLT salaries (advertised then), Dr. Manodha had no hesitation in joining SLT as he had well planned long term goals set for him.

He was attached to SLT from Nov 1998 till Oct 2000 (where he left for Japan for post graduate studies), as the first ISDN Engineer of Sri Lanka and launched ISDN in Sri Lanka. He also set the tone for ADSL by making an initial proposal (in 1999) to deploy ADSL in Sri Lanka.

In the year 2000 October, he left for Japan on a full Japanese Government scholarship to do his post graduate studies at the University of Electro-Communications (UEC) in Tokyo. He obtained the MEng and PhD in Information Communications and Network Engineering from the UEC, in 2003 (March) and 2006 (March) respectively. From 2000 to 2006 (March) he was also a visiting lecture and a researcher at the same university in the University Exchange program, where he was teaching Basic Linux and Web Development, Soft Academic Skills etc. for over 500 students from 25 different countries around the world. This gave Dr. Manodha a great opportunity of interacting with people from different cultures and making valuable contacts with many people around the world.

Immediately after graduation of his PhD, Dr. Manodha Joined Freescale Semiconductor Japan, Former Motorola (and current NXP – ), as a System Engineer. He performed very well during his stay with Freescale (until Oct 2009), by developing Telecommunications Infrastructure for 3G/HSPA/LTE (4G) and WiMax. He had the great opportunity of working with tier 1 Operators such as NTT, NTT Docomo, KDI etc. and Tier 1 Equipment Manufacturers such as Fujitsu, NEC, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, NSN etc.

Dr. Manodha returned to Sri Lanka in Oct 2009 with his family for good, as he planned in the year 2000, when he left for Japan. As soon as he returned, he was invited to join the University of Moratuwa as a senior lecturer at the Electronics and Telecommunications Department. He was there for 6 months as he always believed in working in the industry and teaching as a visiting resource is the best way forward as an Engineering professional.

He then was called upon to help the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission – Sri Lanka as a Consultant to the Director General. He served the local Telecommunications Industry immensely during his stay at TRCSL until Oct 2012. He was instrumental in forming the National Backbone Network (NBN), starting and leading the IPv6 working committee that brought in all stake holders in Sri Lanka to smoothly deploy IPv6, publishing the first ever International level Telecommunications Magazine “FutureTel” in Sri Lanka, developing the ICT systems of TRCSL, Initiating BPR and Automation of TRCSL etc. He has played a vital role in streamlining some of the spectrum issues in Mobile Communications and in radio broadcasting, Deploying EIR systems in Mobile systems in Sri Lanka, supporting National Certification Authority Formation etc.

Since 2013 (in about 5 years), Dr. Manodha has trained over 1000 Technical and non-technical staff of all Telecommunications Operators, System Integrators etc. in Sri Lanka. He founded this Consultancy firm, Intelligent Solutions and Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd in July 2012, mainly to expand his consultancy and training services beyond Sri Lanka. Already he has conducted several training sessions in Maldives and looking forward to expand further.

Today he is one of the best Consultants and Trainers in Telecommunications and ICT in Sri Lanka, who has won the hearts and faith of all Telco operators and many other public and private enterprises. He has been a regular keynote speaker and an expert of Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT- ) since 2011. He is also a regular visiting resource at the KMITL University ( in Bangkok, Thailand.

He is also a leading local consultant to the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) of Highway projects in Sri Lanka.

He has been teaching in many National (University of Moratuwa, University of Kelaniya, University of Rajarata etc.) and private universities (SAITM, IIT, ICBT etc.) mostly in post graduate courses regularly since his return to Sri Lanka.


There is no doubt that Dr. Manodha Gamage is one of the unique rare talents in Sri Lanka, and he has achieved all this by maintaining a very high Discipline, Professional Ethics and hard-working Attitude. His guidance would be very useful and valuable to most of the youth in Sri Lanka.

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